4 minutes, Scotland, 2018



Jenny Tough, a Canadian-born endurance challenger teams up with expedition photographer Kelvin Trautman to attempt to run the Great Glen Way high route from Fort William up to Inverness, detouring to ascend two Munros along the way.

They wind their way through the beautiful, rugged landscapes whilst carrying everything they’ll need along the way and have just 80 hours to complete their journey. 'Endurance challenges can appear ‘mega’ and ‘epic’, but the truth is that they are wonderfully simple: it’s just trying to run as far as you can every day, and then trying again the next day.

You carry only the bare essentials and nothing more. In fact, you’re in the pursuit of having less stuff, for a change, which is remarkably refreshing in the Western world.' Jenny Tough


Director(s): Ellie Green, Matt Green, Kelvin Trautman

Producer(s): Kelvin Trautman