Indigenous Filmmaker Grant

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The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival is excited to offer a new program for up-and-coming Indigenous filmmakers, directors, and storytellers to support their creative talents through film. In 2023, we will be offering a $1,500 grant for one Indigenous filmmaker. This grant is for filmmakers that identify as Indigenous. This grant can be applied towards a new short documentary film or a documentary film in progress.

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Mission

To provide a cultural alternative to mainstream commercial film experience, and to celebrate, promote, nurture and teach non-fiction filmmaking. The festival seeks to provide a window to the world and screen films that inspire change.


Thank you to the Arizona Community Foundation, Mountain Sports, and funds raised during the 2023 Indigenous Voices session at the 21st Annual Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, we are able to offer an Indigenous Filmmaker grant for the first time this year.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must identify as Indigenous (Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander)
  • Funds must be used for filmmaking purposes only
  • Length of final product/film must be less than 25 minutes


  • Provide updates to the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival committee
    • 15th March 2024
    • 15th June 2024
    • 15th September 2024
    • 15th December 2024
  • Submission of final film product to the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival January 2025
  • Provide credit to sponsors (including Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival) in final film product
  • Jury committee members are available to offer guidance and mentorship as needed

Open application: September 18, 2023
Deadline to submit: December 4, 2023

Contact us at: email for any questions