Tribute to Doug Tompkins

Tribute to Doug Tompkins

Film Session(s)

3 minutes, USA, 2015



"The film celebrates the life of Douglas Tompkins, one of our generation's greatest conservationists. Cut from a 2014 interview with Doug, captured in the forthcoming Patagonia National Park, Tompkins discusses his progression from adventurer, to entrepreneur, to conservationist. The interview is underscored by beautiful footage of the proposed park during a sunrise flight in Tompkins' two-seater airplane.

The short is co-directed by James Q Martin and Chris Cresci, makers of the award winning film, Mile for Mile. Tompkins Tribute and Mile for Mile were made in conjunction with Conservacion Patagonica, a non profit organization dedicated to creating national parks in Patagonia."


Director(s): James Q Martin

Producer(s): Chris Cresci