The Valley

The Valley

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73 minutes, United States, 2018



Ever since its transformation from an over-the-hill mining town to a world class ski resort, Telluride has been a diverse mix of ski bums, trust funders, back-to-the-land hippies, liberal second-home owners, urban dropouts and savvy business entrepreneurs. But the one thing they all agreed upon was that they weren’t going to let developers run the show. So when a multinational corporation proposed an Aspen-style development of trophy homes on the 600 acre gateway to Telluride’s box canyon, the citizens of Telluride said NO WAY. "The Valley" is their story - an eclectic communities monumental challenge to raise $50 million dollars in three months to purchase the Valley Floor and pull off an environmental triumph.


Director(s): Bryan Reinhart

Producer(s): Ron Melmon