The Sky Piercer

The Sky Piercer

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43.20 minutes, New Zealand, 2018



New Zealand is the land of adventure and “Sky Piercer” sees World Champion athletes Xavier De le Rue, Nadine Wallner and local Sam Smoothy take on the iconic peak of Mt. Cook.

With three weeks to prepare and scope the West face, Xavier and Nadine are confident that they will have the opportunity to tackle the mountain, but local Sam knows that weather in New Zealand is not so kind. As they wait for a weather window the trio adventure around the south island, surfing in the Caitlins, climbing and biking in Lake Wanaka, diving for Crayfish on the West Coast, bush-wacking and climbing to lines high in the alpine but the time is passing.

With a short pocket of weather opening on the final days of their stay, the team head out in gliders to get a good look at the face and define their lines. From the air the face glistens, hinting at the ice below, most people tell them they will not achieve the top and will have to turn back.

Leaving the hut just after midnight the team start their ascent in a howling gale, morale is low and they don't feel they will make the top, but with 24 hours left, they have to try.


Director(s): Jase Hancox

Producer(s): Martin Winkler,