The Call of Pashmina

The Call of Pashmina

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16 minutes, India, 2018



Have you ever wondered where the land ends and the sky begins? High up in the snowy peaks of Ladakh is a land in the sky. Here lives a nomadic tribe and their majestic pashmina goats.

A few years ago, an unexpected snow storm hit the region killing over 25,000 of these goats. When a Kashmiri man read this news, he travelled up to Changtang to see what he could do. What started as a three month journey ended up changing his life. Babar quit his job in Silicon Valley, and for six years, he lived with the nomads. He soon realized how fragile the weather system is in the high altitude desert. This, along with poor returns, is forcing the nomads to migrate.

But what will happen to these goats? Babar felt he had to do something about it. In 2016, he founded the Pashmina Goat Project - an initiative to preserve the species and their community from the harsh implications of climate change.


Director(s): Taira Malaney

Producer(s): Krish Makhija, Krishna Jhaveri, Sandeep Roy, Babar Afzal, Harsh Dandotiya, Dheer Kaku, Pruthu Parab, Ilija Cvetkovski