Streetlights of the Universe

Streetlights of the Universe

Film Session(s)

7 minutes, United States, 2018



Few subjects of study capture our imagination and sense of wonder about the universe and existence like astronomy does. One of the lightning rods for this scientific spirit right now can be found at Kitt Peak National Observatory in southern Arizona.

There, a breakthrough new instrument is being installed that will allow us to create the largest ever 3D map of the universe. Over the course of 5 years, this instrument will make it possible to solve some of the biggest puzzles in the cosmos. Most especially, it will offer clues about the nature of "dark energy," the mysterious phenomenon that accounts for why our universe seems to be expanding at an accelerated rate.

More than an educational look at an important new astronomy project, this film aims to inspire that sense of curiosity, awe, and majesty that we all feel when we gaze at the stars on a clear night.


Director(s): Bryan Nelson