“Shine” – Sihasin

“Shine” – Sihasin

Film Session(s)

4 minutes, Navajo Nation, 2019



Sihasin’s music Video “Shine” features Jones Benally, world-renowned Hoop Dancer, dancing duo with Clayson Benally and sister Jeneda Benally shining with her bass on the red rocks of the painted desert in Leupp Arizona. Within their music video, they share the hoop dance as it builds up to each pattern as a way to share the medicine of the hoop dance and for one to find it in themselves to illuminate. Even on a cloudy day, it'll still shine. Music video Directed by Jake Hoyungowa, co-camera operator MT Garcia and co-editor Deidra Peaches.


Director(s): Jake Hoyungowa

Producer(s): MT Garcia