The Rocky Mountains Traverse

The Rocky Mountains Traverse

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24 minutes, USA, 2015



Two of the world’s finest adventurers meet mid-summer in McBride, British Columbia. A thermal air lifts them towards Mt. Robson and they set flight for the Canada-US border. Along the way, they push the sport of paragliding, or more precisely vol-bivy or “fly camping”, as they journey 640 kilometres above the Canadian Rockies, hopping between seriously exposed landing sites where they’d spend the night. After camping, they’d take off the next day from the same spot they landed. Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg were named National Geographic Adventurers of the Year in 2014 for their 35-day journey across rugged landscapes which is the longest air journey by a paraglider ever recorded. For Gadd and McClurg, it was the epitome of adventure – pure, fun and trailblazing. And in the new film The Rocky Mountains Traverse, their pure elation at the adventure can’t help but make you smile.


Director(s): David Pearson, Bryan Smith

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