Place of The Gaels

Place of The Gaels

Film Session(s)

27 minutes, UK, 2018



‘Magical Scotland - wild, cold...raw"

From the climbers and skiers who live for Scottish winter to the musicians and people who make their home in the highlands, it wasn’t hard to locate inspiration from the communities drawn to the mountains north of the border.

Starring in the film included three American climbers, Fabrizio Zangrilli, Angela Vanweimeersch and Jon Frederick, the team were invited by the brand Rab to come and experience Scottish Winter for the first time. Covering the mountainous areas of the Cairngorms, North West Highlands and Glencoe, the film catalogues the athlete’s journey through an unfamiliar environment that was often unpredictable, with challenging and sometimes non-existent snow conditions. Yet at the film’s adventurous core, the emphasis is on the spirit of Scottish Winter, evoked through the forging of friendships, the people located at the heart of each mountain community and the vast Scottish Mountain landscapes in all its glory.


Director(s): Matt Pycroft