Migrating with the Sandhill Cranes

Migrating with the Sandhill Cranes

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7 minutes, United States, 2018



Every year, over 600,000 sandhill cranes embark on what has been called the last great migration in the lower 48 states. It's a spectacle that draws birders, nature-lovers, and curious sight-seers from around the world to the various hubs where these birds stopover and congregate on their continent-wide journey.

One of those hubs happens to be in the U.S. Southwest, where two birding enthusiasts reside: Erv Nichols and Sandra Noll. Their shared passion led them to embark on a grand adventure to migrate with the cranes, from their base in New Mexico to beyond the Arctic Circle in Alaska.... all from the crammed compartment of a Honda Civic.

Along the way, they discovered a renewed life-force and a profound appreciation for the lessons that nature has to teach us. And they found love, too.


Director(s): Bryan Nelson