Film Session(s)

12 minutes, Germany, 2017



Bernd Arnold is one of the exceptionally gifted climbers of the 20th century. For two decades he made up some of the worlds hardest first ascents in the former known GDR, the eastern part of germany before the wall came down. Western climbers heard about him and started to pay attention. Kurt Albert and Wolfgang Güllich were some of the first. Fritz Wiesner was a very close friend from overseas. Jerry Moffat and Lynn Hill paid visits to the small mountain area abroad where Bernd has been spending his whole life since he was born.
After Germanys Reunion he set up goals in more distant mountain regions. Sounding names like “Riders on the Storm“ on the Central Tower of Paine or „Royal Flush“ on Fitzroy are only some of them. But eventually most of his iconic routes he set up in the notorious german area of sandstone towers – Saxonian Switzerland. Some of them he did even barefoot.
In an emphatic short the 70 years old climbing pioneer bridges between success in climbing and inner experiences. From the roots of childhood to distant mountain regions and friendship he draws a line back home to present days.


Director(s): Ulf Wogenstein