Film Session(s)

5 minutes, USA, 2019



When Goldie, a giant girl, accidentally squashes an old woman’s house (for the fifth time), she’s left to wonder if perhaps she’s not meant for such a small world. With the love of a gaggle of friends, including a tiny girl, a bird named Romeo, and a boy who has a not-so-subtle crush on her, Goldie learns that being gigantic has its advantages.

GOLDIE was an idea I came up with years ago that still excited me. In the wake of the 2016 Election, it felt like the right time to create, quite simply, A GIRL WHO TAKES UP SPACE. Though it took two years to produce, I still feel like it’s the perfect time for a character like Goldie; a giant girl with a giant heart. With the film, I hope to communicate to kids (and adults) that there’s no person too big or too small to be loved in this world.


Director(s): Emily Brundige

Producer(s): .