Beyond the peaks

Beyond the peaks

Film Session(s)

26 minutes, France, 2018



Jokke Sommer, a world class professional wingsuit athlete, likes to push himself and to find new challenges. For a long time Jokke has dreamed of speed riding the famous 3 peaks of Switzerland : Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. To prepare and fulfill his dream, he will learn from one of the best speed riders in the world; French athlete, Valentin Delluc. Follow this incedible journey from the long training sessions in Chamonix to the final attempts in Lauterbrunnen Valley. Discover the lifestyle, the doubts , the risks, and rewards of these incredible athletes. Discover what it is Beyond the Peaks.


Director(s): Shams

Producer(s): Matefy istvan, Alex Aimard