Yard Dogs Road Show

Yard Dogs Road Show

Film Session(s)

98 minutes, USA, 2015



In 1996 young writer Eddy Joe Cotton (Zebu Recchia) traveled from Colorado to San Francisco on a freight train looking for his next adventure. He found it in filmmaker Flecher Fleudujon and poet Miguel Strong. With the tech crunch still over the horizon the SF underground was thriving. Their friendship blossomed out of cruising the streets in an old Ford Galaxie 500, making short films of whatever life offered. While driving to Oregon they unexpectedly formed a jug band, which would evolve into an internationally touring "vaudeville" show. With appearances by Ken Kesey, Michael Franti, Bassnectar, Speed Levitch and members of Beats Antique.


Director(s): Flecher Fleurdujon, Zebu Recchia

Producer(s): Zebu Recchia