Winter The Grommet

Winter The Grommet

Film Session(s)

4 minutes, Australia, 2016



Just after his 9th birthday Winter Vincent noticed that some of his favorite pro surfers had gotten involved with World Water Day. Seeing photos of them doing what they love, surfing amazing waves, and helping along the way, ignited a spark. Inspired, Winter penned his thoughts down. From this brainstorming session came a speech and a concept- "Kids Can Make a Difference". Winter presented this speech to his school where he spoke directly to his peers about how simple it is to make a difference regardless of age. What started as a speech quickly snowballed. Winter then auctioned off a few surfboards and hosted a "boardies" mufti day at school. The support from the community was overwhelming.

Following the success of his fundraiser, Winter and his family embarked on a field trip to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, to deliver and implement the water filters that Winter's efforts had provided. The Mentawai islands are world famous for their surf, however they belong to a region severely lacking in access to clean water. 1 in 5 Indonesian kids under the age of five die from dirty drinking water. It made sense to focus his efforts here, combining his passion for surfing and travel with a clean water mission.

One $50.00 Waves for Water filter system can provide clean water for 100 people and can last for years to come. "It seemed like such an easy thing to do" says Winter... "$50 is all it takes for me to change a whole family, a whole village's life. I was keen to give it a go of raising some money."

This first trip to Indonesia was a life changing one. Winter worked side by side with a Waves for Water leader to teach the school children and villagers how to assemble and use the clean water filter systems. "It was the most amazing feeling to see that the money raised was actually changing these families' lives….We left knowing they would have clean drinking water now for up to 10 years."


Director(s): Stefan Hunt