Wind Vision – The Monty Spindler Story

Wind Vision – The Monty Spindler Story

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6 minutes, Germany, 2015



Meet Monty Spindler. A legendary windsurfing sail designer that lives in a small costal town in Spain, just 14 kilometres from Morocco.
And just like the town itself, his life is shaped by the winds that blow almost every day. Between developing sails for his brand and testing them on the water, Monty found some time to contemplate his life in this picturesque Spanish village and give insight into his fascination for a sport that has kept him going for the last 40 years.
As he said: “The wind is the author and the water is like the pages of a book. And every wind tells its story.”

CInematography and Production by VeyVey Films
Sounddesign by Lohrey & Benz


Director(s): Constantin Gross, Lukas Steinbrecher

Producer(s): VeyVey Films