Twelve Seeds of Sustainability

Twelve Seeds of Sustainability

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7 minutes, India, 2015



Baranaja- This farming movement in India is saving 3.5 million farmers in from starvation. When farmers in distress are given tempting offers to use chemicals that can give them bumper crops, many farmers fall prey to such offers. But these are the farmers of Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand in India. They have been following their traditional method of rain fed farming called Baranaja (twelve grains) which not only gives them a sufficient harvest but helps them carry forward the amazing seeds. Baranaja enables the farmers to grow 12 different kinds of crops at the same time. The crops include grains, lentils, vegetables and even spices. Such mixed farming on a land area of two or less acres can feed a family of fi


Director(s): Ritu Bhardwaj

Producer(s): Ritu Bhardwaj