The Super Salmon

The Super Salmon

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25 minutes, USA, 2016



A radio-tagged salmon in Alaska makes a journey that defies scientific record, on a river slated to be dammed for electricity.

The Susitna River is among the most vibrant, healthy, and beautiful wild salmon rivers left on Earth. The government-proposed Sustina-Watana mega-dam would be the second tallest in the United States, replacing 50% of energy currently being produced from fossil fuels. Meanwhile, dams in the Lower 48 are now being removed after a century of proven, disastrous effects which they've had on salmon ecosystems. Considering this, as well as it's cost of $5+ billion, the project is controversial.

The Super Salmon follows the eponymous fish's journey from the sea to the Susitna's sparkling, icy headwaters. Along the way we meet the river, the dam, and the people fighting for a way of life and a bright future.


Director(s): Ryan Peterson

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