Punte Ko Pangro

Punte Ko Pangro

Film Session(s)


13 minutes, Nepal, 2013



Punte, a small kid from sub urban area of Kathmandu valley is playing with his wheel in front of traditional style slope roofed Nepali house. His mother enters in the foreground with a vessel full of water, and she asks whether he finished his homework or not. Punte politely replies that because of Saturday, a weekly national holiday he wants to complete it later. Then after, he goes to play wheel with his friends. After crossing beautiful surrounding with flying crane, on the way, he meets a lady with whom he is falling one sided love. A naughty Punte cannot hold his feelings to her and very jokingly in teasing manner, he expresses I love you to her. In return, that lady feels embarrassment and just threatened her to tell on his mother. In contrast to her threatening, Punte reacts to her that even she can complain to his father. Then after, she just tries to slap him, but small Punte somehow gets escape from her and runs away to his friends playing wheel. Following the notion of multiple visual narratives, it can be seen that white crane as a messenger is flying parallel to transcend character from his existing world.
After reaching to his friends he will face the bullying by his one of the friends Buchhe. He insults him for bringing small wheel. He even knocks down Punte’s small wheel with his bigger one with derogative language. In reply, Punte also reacts his action physically. Later on, one of the taller guys decide that only those guys having bigger wheels will go to greedy old man’s house. Because of having smaller wheel in comparison to his friends Punte became ineligible to participate with his friends. He gets excluded for not having bigger wheels like his friends. After feeling the notion of exclusion, for sometimes he thinks bad and later on he moves to his home with agony.

At home, he is making mustard in his face and expecting quick maturity. Suddenly his father call comes from Quatar and makes query about the family. After knowing that his father is calling, suddenly Punte grabs cellphone from his mother’s hand and request him to bring bigger wheel than his homy buchhe’s. Listening his unnecessary concentration for bigger wheel, his mother again grabs the phone from Punte‘s hand and continue to talk to her husband about household stuffs.
Next day, Punte goes to local workshop to ask for spare tyre. However, in contrast to his expectation, mechanic asks for money which is beyond his capacity. Then after he comes back with humiliated feeling . On the way Punte keeps his eyes open. Surprisingly, he sees that two tyres are half buried and used as a chair to sit. He tries to pick out those tyres however he could not. While trying to pick out those those tyres, few meters far he sees that few tyres are lying on the ground. He listens to some local guys and comes to know that those were brought to burn during the political protest. Very secretly he tries to take one of the tyres, however those guys shout on him and he has to throw way that tyre on the way.
In evening time, he tries to convince his mother to increase regular Tiffin amount. However, his mother consoles him by saying, she will buy a bicycle for him after his father comes back, but she won’t increase regular tiffin amount. Punte rejects her consolation of buying Cycle in fact he expresses his deep interest to bigger wheel and he sticks himself to his demand.
Next day, rather than eating his midday meal, he keeps drawing the picture of wheel. His friends are playing in revolving boat keep asking that why he is not eating anything yesterday and today. Punte simply replies that he does not have any hunger to eat and show concentrate himself in the drawing of wheel.
Suddenly next day , surprisingly Punte brings bigger wheel than his friends. His friends keep asking that from where he brought that bigger wheel. Punte replies that this is none of their concern. After seeing bigger wheel with Punte, bossy guy named lambu decides that Punte will also included in their long journey to go to greedy old man’s house. Then after, Punte and his friends starts journey to greedy old man’s house with excitement in their face.
On the way, it looks like Punte is so happy with his bigger wheel. With very excited mood after sometime all kids they reach to Greedy old man’s house, where old man’s grandson is looking from the window. Then after, all the kids including Punte starts to throw pebbles into greedy old man’s money, soaking in the roof. . They keep hitting the small stones, old man is sleeping quietly. After hitting little bit bigger stone, old man starts to shout and chase away them. All the kids run away with their wheels, however because of bigger wheels Punte has a problem to run with his bigger wheel. Old man keep chasing the kids, they keep running. Punte is struggling to run away with his bigger wheel, however, after sometime his attempts seems not successful, old man catches him in his wheel. Later on he has to leave his bigger wheel, old man goes away to his home taking Punte;s bigger wheel. Other guys keep shouting on him.

On the way, Punte is walking on the street with his friends. Suddenly, he sees that same elder lady with whom he is in one-sided love , shouts to Punte by saying that his mother is searching home and ask him to go back to home as soon as possible. With confusion, he keeps looking her. After reaching to home, he gets scolded by his mother for thieving 30 rupees kept under the pillow. His mother declares that now he won’t have any cycle. He has to bear the punishment of thieving 30 rupees.
Early morning before his school time, Punte is thinking about his tragedies, he is comparing bigger wheel and his own smaller one in slow montage . Surprisingly, someone gives him his bigger wheel who is none other than greedy old man’s grandson himself.

In evening time, three other guys are keeping talking about yesterday’s tragedy and the best things greedy old man can do with Puntes bigger wheel. They were amazed to see that how faster that greedy old man was chasing them. Suddenly, they see that Punte coming with his own small wheel. They say hi to Punte , however Punte do not talk to them. In fact he goes on his own. On the way he meets his one-sided lover, he simply says hi and blinks the eye, after getting eye blinked from Punte, the lady smiles in interesting way by saying silly Punte. With happy mood, Punte goes back to his home with happy mood.


Director(s): Sachin Ghimire

Producer(s): Gautam Dhimal