Painting the Bottom to the Top

Painting the Bottom to the Top

Film Session(s)

4 minutes, USA, 2017



Bruce Aiken is one of the most revered
painters of the Grand Canyon. He has
devoted his life to capturing and sharing
its beauty through his artwork. For 33
years, Bruce lived and worked at the
bottom of the Canyon with his wife and
children while creating his body of artwork.
At age 66, he desires to rediscover the
thrill of being a beginner again. Bruce is
rattling his cage, leaving the bottom of the
most iconic canyon, and traveling to the
top of the world to capture the Canyon’s
antithesis. He started on his
expedition searching for the
beauty of the landscape, and
found it somewhere he did not
expect - with the people.


Director(s): Meredith Meeks

Producer(s): -