Ní’tsii Nít tsá Yaahaalné – Hair Tells the Weather

Ní’tsii Nít tsá Yaahaalné – Hair Tells the Weather

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3.5 minutes, United States, 2019



Science isn't all about numbers. In response to the need for increased mutual understanding between the National Weather Service and the Navajo people, a regional bilingual weather outreach document was created with the goals of improving public safety, providing educational resources in the Navajo language, and promoting the preservation of a language. In 2017, the National Weather Service learned the importance of the Navajo Tsiiyéél in relationship to weather which culminated in the Navajo Weather Poster. Comments from a community member pointed out that Navajo is not originally a written language, and that aspects of the Navajo Weather poster should be available in audio-visual formats for all Navajo speakers.

As a result, Navajo filmmaker Cherylee Francis and actors partner with the National Weather Service to explain this important connection.

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Director(s): Cherylee Francis

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