Nepal’s Hard Rock Cafe

Nepal’s Hard Rock Cafe

Film Session(s)

4 minutes, Nepal, 2016



"Hard Rock Cafe" is a film short featuring the story of Kartok Lama, a disabled single woman from the Langtang valley who has returned home one year after the 2015 earthquake that triggered an avalanche which destroyed her village.

Kartok narrates the film, taking viewers through the construction zone, plants potatoes amongst the rubble, visits a puja (or wake) for the deceased, and tells viewers how she survived the avalanche thanks to the boulder her teashop is built against. Her story weaves in that of her mother, an elderly woman who exemplifies the generation gap threatening the village, and her father, Langtang's highest ranking priest, who is faced with the challenge of continuing their traditions in a community abruptly severed from its collective memory.

Hard Rock Cafe is meant to spark introspection and prompt viewers to reflect deeply from a personal perspective: how would you move on if half of your world disappeared?


Director(s): Amanda Needham, Nat Needham

Producer(s): Austin Lord