My Magic Mum

My Magic Mum

Film Session(s)

180 minutes, Australia, 2016



The key objective was to create a short film, My Magic Mum, with a hopeful, uplifting message that can be used as an introduction to the challenge of poverty and encourage a discussion about how the viewer can help people living in poverty through Opportunity International Australia. The film aimed to challenge storytelling conventions for non-for-profit organisations, which often rely on pity and sympathy to bring the viewer's attention to the issue of poverty. The film frames the story in a different way, making young girl Rambu the key agent of change and using a playful, imaginative approach to build empathy between her and the viewer.

This three-minute film aims to introduce audiences to the challenge of poverty from a child’s point of view, and how poverty impacts the achievement of their dreams. It’s an enchanting tale of what microfinance, a sustainable solution to poverty, means to a child. The mood of the film is playful, giving viewers a different perspective on the problems faced by people living in poverty. It aims to resonate with new and existing supporters, who may be tired of the traditional microfinance and poverty alleviation stories, and is ideal for the internet and social media because of its short duration.
It sets out to communicate that a helping hand from someone is a world of magic to a child – you can give a small loan to a mother like the one featured in the film and help her whole family.


Director(s): Stefan Hunt

Producer(s): Cameron Brown Cinematographer, Luke Tysoe First Camera Assistant, Jessica Carter Production Assistant, Ant Clark Production Assistant