Film Session(s)

10 minutes, USA, 2015



Recently, the international media has rather suddenly focused on transgender people and their struggle to gain basic rights and lawful protection from discrimination. The four individuals in “Mistranslated” shared their stories to further those goals, humanize their situations and explain their unique perspectives.

During production, the crew discovered that the transgender community in Cincinnati has a positive story to tell - it was the first Midwestern city to offer health benefits and legal protection for its transgender city workers, and has an LGBQT coordinator on the police force. Also, many national and global businesses based in Cincinnati have adopted policies protecting gender identity. The crew of “Mistranslated” is now shooting a feature-length documentary which explores how Cincinnati has evolved into a forward-thinking city that welcomes all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.


Director(s): Joyce Bentle

Producer(s): Joyce Bentle, Katie Sammons, Danielle Belgiovane