Man on Fire

Man on Fire

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16 minutes, Austria, 2014



Joe is a normal Austrian guy in his thirties and a loving father of two little children. And he likes to burn. In his job as a stunt man Joe already does extraordinairy stuff but he wants to go further. He wants to break the world record in long time full body burn without oxygen supply. In order to do that he has to set himself on fire for over 5:25min and stay alive. The film is an intimate portrait of a very unusual profession. It takes a look behind the fassade of the renegade stunt man shown in the media and asks questions about the daily absurdities as: How do you teach your kids proper handling of fire when you practice setting yourself on fire in the backyard?
And of course, we accompany Joe on his way to burn longer than anybody has ever burnt before.


Director(s): Wolfgang Pielmeier

Producer(s): Wolfgang Pielmeier