Lunag Ri

Lunag Ri

Film Session(s)

18 minutes, Germany, 2016



When he closes his eyes and thinks of Nepal, snow- capped mountains aren’t what first comes to David Lama ?s mind. Instead he sees green valleys – and the little village where his father grew up. The Austrian alpinist visited Nepal earlier than most western mountaineers. When he was a toddler his parents used to carry him around on their backs, right now they are following their son with David setting the pace. The family has come to visit his father’s relatives. But for David it’s not the only reason to return to Nepal. This time he is also drawn to the high mountains. Accompanied by American alpine legend Conrad Anker, he wants to climb Lunag Ri (6907m): an unclimbed peak with a technically challenging north west ridge. Given David’s light and fast climbing style and Conrad’s vast experience of expedition climbing it shouldn’t be impossible for them to tackle the mountain. However, they’ve underestimated the ridge.


Director(s): Joachim Hellinger, Hans-Peter Stauber, Christian Schmidt

Producer(s): Melanie Kaboto, Andrea Thek, Florian Klingler, Florian Klingler