Los Dioses de Agua / The Gods of Water

Los Dioses de Agua / The Gods of Water

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114 minutes, Argentina, 2014



Inspired by the French ethnologist Marcel Griaule’s investigation, Hermes, an Argentinean anthropologist prepares his first stage play. Fascinated by the ancient knowledge of the Dogón and Tchokwe, Hermes dreams of recovering the information about the possible origin of mankind, created by amphibious beings from other places of the universe. With Oko´s help, a young Angolean man who’s in Buenos Aires studying about what happened to African descendants in the post-colonial times, Ayelen, his play’s actress who belongs to the Qôm, and Esteban, an Egyptologist who studies the knowledge of the African tribes, Hermes travels to Angola going through the Kwanza river in search of the last wise men, with the goal of obtaining an answer from them.


Director(s): Pablo César

Producer(s): Pablo César