Leave Me Now

Leave Me Now

Film Session(s)


10 minutes, Czech Republic, 2014



Sam is a young teenager that is living a double life. One that is with his strict father, the second one is when he is with his friends. Those two worlds collide with each other, because the expectations from both sides are different. Sam’s father William wants him to become a businessman and laid this path for him since he was young. William is very uptight and wants his sun to success and be the best, at what William considers to be the best.

Sam’s passion is somewhere else than business. He wants to become a painter and everyone around him supports him. The problem is that William is currently paying for Sam’s school and if he wants to pursue his passion, he would have to seek aid from his father. Sam knows that William will never approve of his true desires, because their relationship just doesn’t work. There is a huge generation gap and the differences in the expectations of both sides are huge.

One day, William finds out about Sam’s double life and a confrontation takes place. Sam learns how to step up to his strict father, defending what he wants and telling him his true desires. Both William and Sam are shocked from this confrontation, but differently of course. Sam is glad that he got it off his chest; William is torn apart from discovering the truth about his son.

At the end of the film, the father and son talk once again, but this time the cards have changed. The confrontation brought them closer to each other than they ever were, with certain sacrifices at both sides. William knows that by not supporting his only son, he would lose him forever. He has to make a choice: do what he feels as a father is right for his son, or support his son in what he really wants to do.


Director(s): Tomas Uher

Producer(s): Tomas Uher