Hogar dulce hogar (Home sweet home)

Hogar dulce hogar (Home sweet home)

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11 minutes, Spain, 2013



Upon awakening, another morning, dizzy and confused because of the medication, Naiara decides that she is not going to take the pills anymore and she would overcome her depression by her own way. She has been for too long in the same situation and she thinks that they are not the way to fix her problems. It's time to face her demons, no matter how tough could the road be.

Naiara begins to get rid of everything that reminds her of Gabriel but then, strange things start to happen to her: pictures falling down, mysterious presences ... The fear that overwhelm her makes her, in a weak moment, call Clara again, the only person who is really close to her.

But despite the opportunity given to her by Naiara, Clara continues to fall into the same mistakes that made Naiara push her away in the first place. She reuses the same overprotective and paternalistic tone and she tells Naiara how to behave and how to face disease. Naiara just can’t take it.

After one conversation with Clara, Naiara can´t avoid thinking that everything that has happened to her is because of her imagination and it can be solved with the pills but something drives her away from them. Another decision which has the same consequences as before. All indications are that the mystery comes from the room down the corridor. This gloomy space has a strange atmosphere where Naiara is afraid to enter but, just by being near of it, forgotten feeling emerges to the surface and from deep inside her subconscious.


Director(s): Carlos Carpallo

Producer(s): Ciudad de la Luz film school