Heritage Creek

Heritage Creek

Film Session(s)


13 minutes, Germany, 2014



A suburban settlement is shown with the help of a single camera movement. After a few minutes starts an interview with two persons, explaining the nature of this place. The title of the work is also the name of the residential area. Heritage Creek is a suburban area in Louisville, Kentucky (USA), which was relocated as the result of the airport expansion.

In 1988, the city of Louisville decided the expansion of the Standiford Field Airport (now Louisville International Airport). Two parallel runways were built for 700 million dollar. The airport is the main aviation hub for United Parcel Service (UPS) in the USA. UPS employs over 20,000 people in the city. They are one of the most important employers in the region. In 1995, the first of the two tracks opened. Following the relocation of 1581 households was planned. This included the area Minor Lane Heights on the eastern edge of the airport. The area was severely affected by the enlargement of aircraft noise.

„We‘ll go quietly, but only if we can all go together.“

Airports changed cities. They are important hubs and often decide on urban developments in positive and negative direction. The city of Louisville was forced to expand the existing airport in order to keep the local companies and to ensure their expansion. Airports are becoming economical and geographical focal points of our cities. The relocation of an entire residential area due an airport expansion was unique at that time. How does Heritage Creek evolved to today? Does the relocation still play a role for the residents, and how has this affected their relationship with their space of living? I try to investigate the impact on a residential place, which was affected by forced relocation. Heritage Creek is a subject of discussion in the context of the relationship between suburban city life and its variation through infrastructure construction.


Director(s): Mandy Krebs

Producer(s): Mandy Krebs