Great Expectations

Great Expectations

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25 minutes, India, 2014



Story of a pioneer and a successor, filmed in a nonlinear narrative.

The film begins with a scene which starts with camera moving towards a table to establish a book titled 'How to achieve success in your life'. We then hear a voice over dialogue of someone asking for a book which is not in use. The scene ends by showing a hand taking the book from the table as a response to the request. As this movie progress this situation is explained from another angle as an unimportant indecent which happens in the background. The story revolves around, a middle class government officer, who is planning to leave his job, to start an enterprise and a Young entrepreneur who inherited his firm from his late legendary father, and is going through a tough phase.
Both of them are discouraged by those who are around them, stating the realities of life. The expectations of the the government officer, clashes with the risks of leaving a job and starting an enterprise without any prior experience, on the other hand the Yong entrepreneur's expectation-which is to solve the crisis which recently happened to his company, is crashed by a general opinion that he is not a legend like his late father. Slowly the plot explains, how some times writings of great inspirations becomes nothing other than useless books in our life.

The story also try to explore the complex mind of a school teacher. When she realizes the man who is considered for her marriage is planing to leave his job to chase his dreams, she is left with no other options other than rejecting the proposal, because of her fear towards taking risks.

The movie is a collection of conversation of all these characters either trying to explain there views or their emotions. Finally the conversations concludes that one can over come the realities of life by either being ignorant about it, or bluffing it with other stranger realities.


Director(s): Yohan Kurian

Producer(s): Snehn Kuruvilla, Akhil Joseph