Grand Canyon in Depth: Night Sky

Grand Canyon in Depth: Night Sky

Film Session(s)

10 minutes, USA, 2015



Journey to a place where the Milky Way stretches across the heavens. Experience the mystery and wonder of Grand Canyon's night sky with Astronomer Tyler Nordgren and Park Ranger Rader Lane. Explore its beauty and learn what you can do to help preserve it.

The night sky in Grand Canyon presents a special opportunity to experience the night, largely free from light pollution, much as our ancient ancestors have. Yet, this experience is becoming increasingly rare to find, and even more precious as light pollution diminishes our ability to view the night sky.

Grand Canyon National Park is working to protect the night sky in the park so Grand Canyon will remain a prime destination for visitors to experience primordial night sky.


Director(s): Ryan Christensen

Producer(s): Ryan Christensen