Film Session(s)


17 minutes, France, 2013



Federal State. In the near future. The society sees all its members involved in productivity and economical return of their country, sacrificing the slightest ounce of private life and leisure for the general interest.

In order to wholly maintain their devotion to extreme work, the masses have been subjected to an intensive brainwashing by the leaders, pushing them conceiving that feelings of love – and more generally emotion – are the first symptoms of an incurably ill which is potentially fatal.

Within this well-oiled smooth-running machine, Sarah, covered under the number Y1IN, is delegated by the Party to investigate on the discovery of a suspected case of love behavior put in quarantine
Accompanied by scientific experts, she will try to diagnose the sickness of the patient to determinate if he represents or not a threat for the maintaining of the current economical policy of the State.

This journey deep into the depths of this system of manipulation will lead her to be obliged to make a choice between an evident family tie discovered with the patient and her duty of “protection of the populations”. Between life and death. Between love and duty.


Director(s): Charles Thomas

Producer(s): Christian Hanquet