Captain of Utopia

Captain of Utopia

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52 minutes, FRANCE, 2017



François Bernard, knows as “Ben”, has explored the most remote places of the world for more than 30 years: the North Pole and the South Pole, Mount Everest, etc… One day, he realized that he was tired of being alone, he wanted to be able to share all the emotions he experienced overtime, with others. So he invested all his life savings in a polar sailboat.That is the starting point of his ambitious project: Atka. He dreamt of bringing as many people as possible to discover the beauties and the lights of the Arctic. For 17 months, the boat travelled on the west coast of Greenland, carrying on board, in turn, personalities from all horizons: base jumpers, circus artists, teenagers, sick women and children to discover the icecap. As for Ben, he had no choice but to follow the expedition from a distance. He was stuck in France because he needed to find money in order to carry out Atka. It is the beginning of an amazing human adventure or how the altruism and the determination of a man can change the life of a hundred others.

A deeply moving movie of humanity, bursting with generosity.


Director(s): Sarah Del Ben