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19 minutes, Canada, 2014



Inspired by true events, Butterflies follows the story of two teens who form an unlikely friendship while bonding through their experience with cancer. Having battled cancer and won, Libby is given a second shot at life. Withered down by her battle with the disease and her immaturity, she's at loss when she's asked to write down what she wants to do now that she’s in remission. As she struggles with being free from cancer and deciding what she wants to do in life, she meets Gavin, a boy who is rough around the edges who normally takes the world by storm without a second thought of what it means. As their unlikely friendship blooms, together Libby and Gavin learn what it's like to live and embrace every waking moment just as they are thrust into the chaos that cancer brings upon them. Butterflies is a compelling short story of two teenagers fighting through pain, love and loss as they face cancer head-on.


Director(s): Cayman Grant

Producer(s): Cayman Grant, Cale Finot, Derek Riedle