Film Session(s)

9.5 minutes, Ireland, 2015



Irish AiR is different to any other air the world over. Is it possible to communicate more than the spirit of our people, more than the songs of our place? What if the AiR of a place defines the psyche of its people? What if home is where our AiR is?

Representing an international Irish youth, AiR weaves traditional songs and rhythms through contemporary electro-acoustic composition inspired by the dramatic personality and natural heritage of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Directed by Sonya Keogh, ARTlifeCULTURE’s international youth ensemble and professional multi-media team have created AiR through their shared artists’ residency in a once-famine village in County Kerry.

AiR, a multimedia youth arts installation complete with live youth vocal performance, was specifically designed for the Ireland Pavilion at Milan World EXPO 2015. AiR's film element featured at the Ireland Pavilion from August 2015 and the installation debuted in October 2015.

The AiR installation will be presented by the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center NYC on St Patrick’s Day 2016 supported by Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.

AiR lead images have been chosen as title images for Culture Ireland's international commemorative programme 'I am Ireland' or 'Mise Éire', ensuring world-wide recognition and reach for AiR.

2016 will see us expand our initial concept to communicate our Irish youth, our best and most precious resource, as representative of our world-adventuring diaspora. We have filmed surrealist architectural footage from our time at Milan World EXPO and have plans to film our young Irish heroine in further locations around the world.

AiR will now develop as an amalgam of its own world experience and serve to communicate not only our people but now also the spirit of our diaspora to the world.

AiR is produced by ARTlifeCULTURE, supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Director(s): Sonya Keogh

Producer(s): ARTlifeCULTURE