Tad’s Emerging World – Trailer


Tad’s Emerging World – Trailer

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2 minutes, USA, 2022



This film is about a conservation photographer, Dawn Kish, documenting the hidden treasure of the Southwest known at Glen Canyon. This epic landscape of red sandstone walls, flowing rivers and cultural sites is under a giant reservoir called Lake Powell. The lake is at its lowest water level since the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963. Kish is going on an adventure to explore this canyon she never knew with a old Crown Graphic 4x5 camera. This camera documented Glen Canyon pre-dam from an incredible photographer, Tad Nichols, from 1950-1963. What is emerging? What will be learned? What is preserved? What will develop? Glen Canyon's destiny is still unknown.


Director(s): Dawn Kish, Cierrra Murretta

Producer(s): Bill Esposito