Film Session(s)

24 minutes, USA, 2022



Sheri Tingey's 60 year career as a woman who has defined the odds by starting a company at age 50 that has revolutionized the outdoor industry. The film is a story about the hurdles she overcame to launch the company, about the ways she hid from view so that people would judge the boats, not her role in creating them. It's the story of her son, Thor Tingey, who has built the company alongside his mother, but has only recently begun to fully grasp what she has created not just for him, but for adventurers who've used the boats to access remote and wild rivers around the world. The story of Sheri Tingey is also an evergreen and widely universal story about missed opportunities–not by Sheri, or other women–but by outdoor adventurists and the industry as a whole - when we only listen to ideas, celebrate advances, and invite innovations from a select few. At this watershed moment of reckoning around equity and inclusion for the industry, for the lifestyle, Sheri's life story will both warm audiences, and ask them to grapple with important questions about who belongs.


Director(s): James Q Martin

Producer(s): Sheila Smithson