Racing Arizona

Racing Arizona

Film Session(s)

6 minutes, USA, 2021



Liz Sampey is an international biking phenom, having made it into the record books as the fastest woman to ever complete the Arizona Trail Race. At 750 miles, Liz rode from Arizona to Utah in just over 9 days and 11 hours. This short film features a retrospective of rider Liz Sampey‚ AZT750 record-breaking journey. Liz pulls back the curtain and reflects on the race, what got her there and where she is now. For Liz, the outdoors are her solace, a place to find balance in life, to push and rejuvenate herself. Liz uses her firsthand experience to help others as a physical therapist and endurance coach.


Director(s): James Q Martin

Producer(s): Chris Reichel