October Showcase

Trekking and Travel


Saturday, October 22nd
Doors open at 7:30 pm / Show starts at 8:00 pm

Directed by Ben Moon (8 mins)
For Daniel Norris, baseball has been a passion, career, patient teacher and cruel master. But becoming a professional athlete means life in a high-stakes world of intense pressure where players are constantly under the microscope. That’s why, during the offseason, Norris lives in his VW van, Shaggy. It’s a simple life. He travels alone, taking pictures, surfing, exploring the West and hoping that Shaggy will make it to the next destination. It’s not life in the fast lane; it’s life in the right lane, chugging along at 55 with other cars speeding past. But that view is exactly what he needs.

Expedition Q
Directed by Skip Armstrong/ NRS Films (12 mins)
Last summer, a group of friends set out on an adventure only they could have dreamed up. The journey takes them across Baffin Island’s Penny Ice Cap on skis, on a first descent of the Class V Weasel River and finally–by way of traditional kayaks they hand-built themselves–over age-old Inuit hunting routes across the southern portion of the island all the way to sea.

Ace and the Desert Dog
Directed by Brendan Leonard, Forest Woodward & Stefan Hunt (9 mins)
Ace Kvale, a veteran photographer, and Ghengis, a blue heeler “dogger” (that’s canine for “blogger”), live together in the Utah desert. Their backyard: 2 million acres of canyons, redrock cliffs, dry washes, empty landscapes and desert wilderness.  For his 60th birthday, Kvale decided to go on a 60-day backpacking trip. Ghengis, naturally, joined him, along with friends who tagged along for sections.  Ace and the Desert Dog proves that while backpacking may not be sexy, what it lacks in glamor it makes up in meaning. Kvale and Genghis are living proof, plodding along to spectacular places only reachable by foot, following the cycles of the season and learning lasting lessons from one another. Namely: Slow down, spend as much time with your best friends as possible and don’t forget to play.

Slide show “Forbidden Fruit: Riding the Road to Change in Cuba”
20 mins
Photographer and Filmmaker Amy Martin and her husband Taylor biked through Cuba this summer. They will share images and stories from the roads of Western Cuba during a time when the country is on the cusp of immense change.


Slide show “The Journey through Mongolia”
Shasta Wright and Jason Bohnert planned and executed and 600 mile, self-supported back country, off-road bike tour of the Khanghai Mountains in North Central Mongolia. They will share images, logistics and stories of their encounters in one of the planets most remote regions. 

Directed by Anthony Bonello (31 mins)
One of 2016’s most visually captivating ski films. We follow skiers Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens and Brody Leven as they traverse the Arctic and face countless challenges all in the quest to achieve that once in a lifetime shot. Directed by Anthony Bonello, this is a film that celebrates the indomitable human spirit and its need to seek.

The Rocky Mountains Traverse
Directed by David Pearson/ Reel Water Productions/ Red Bull Media House (24 mins)
When Will Gadd and Gavin McGlurg decided they wanted to define a bold new style in paragliding, they could not have picked a more vegetated, convoluted and downright burly route to test their concept. With one simple rule of only being able to make forward progress in the air, they set off on a 700-kilometer traverse of the Canadian Rockies. In terrain where bears outnumber people, roads are non-existent and flying conditions push them to their limits, they break all the typical rules of paragliding in an attempt at the longest pure paragliding flight ever.