August Showcase

crdf logo‘Celebration of the River’ a pre- Colorado River Days event

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Orpheum Theater
Doors open: 7 PM / Show starts: 7:30 PM
Tickets: $8.00

Family friendly! All ages.

Celebration of the River

This month we have decided to pay homage to the river, to that flowing water and to those that strive to protect it. We are honored to host writer, singer and fierce environmental activist Katie Lee

For this whole month also we are the recipients of McMillan Community Handle, meaning for every sale of Lumberyard brew, we receive $1. The fantastic team at Lumberyard have agreed to match the sale dollar for dollar.

TheMcmillan_logo Lumberyard Brewing Co. 

(3 mins) USA, 2015. 
Director: Dave Whortley
A visual experiment mixing light and whitewater with kayaking and night. This ground-breaking action sports film blends freestyle kayaking with the world of art and creativity.

Salween Spring
(9 mins) USA, 2015. 
Director: Will Stauffer-Norris
Travis Winn has been running rivers in China for 15 years.  He’s achieved first descents, but has also watched rivers disappear behind dams.  Now he’s founded a rafting company to bring Chinese to see their rivers before they’re gone.  Salween Spring is Travis’ meditation on change, personal struggle, and kayaking along China’s frontier.

Brad Dimock – Oral Presentation Tales of the River

Kickass Katie Lee
( 8 mins) USA, 2016. 
Directors: Beth & George Gage
The Desert Goddess of Glen Canyon is well-known for her lifetime of powerful environmental activism. However, this film takes us on a more personal journey into the unshakeable spirit of Katie Lee.

Q&A with Katie Lee and Beth & George Gage

Into the Ditch
(2 mins) USA, 2014. 
Director: Rush Sturges
Two friends, one ditch. Nothing has changed, but now everything is different. Watch as two of the world’s best kayakers, Ben Marr and Rush Sturges, tackle breakneck speeds down 500 vertical feet of a concrete drainage ditch in British Columbia in Canada.

Urban Circus Fish
(10 mins) USA. 2015. Directors: Chris Kitchen & Sam Pope
Angler and artist KC Badger and his friend Kenny Price take us on fishing expeditions through somewhat unchartered territory in Phoenix, Arizona. When Badger is not chasing fish in city waterways, he is cruising the same city streets on his BMX.

(10 mins) USA. 2015. Director: Jordan Halland
Typically, we associate surfing with the sea.  In StrongWater however, a bunch of boarders are making waves in a new environment, the rivers of Missoula, Montana, and in the process transforming the sport itself.

The Divided Confluence
(20 mins) Directors: Justin Clifton, Harlan Taney
Sneak preview into local filmmakers Clifton and Taney’s documentary on the fight to prevent the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade development.

Voyagers Without Trace
(46 mins) USA. 2015. Director: Ian McCluskey
In a remote Southwestern corner of Wyoming, a faded photograph of three individuals on a historic marker leads Ian McCluskey and his team on a remarkable journey of discovery. The team raft the Green and Colorado rivers and climb the Pyrenees in search of clues. Within a 16th Century fortress in the peaks of the Pyrenees, the team unearth a full 16mm color film amongst other treasures.  This is the story of newlyweds Genevieve and Bernard de Colmont and their friend, Antoine de Seynes, and their bold plan to be the first to take kayaks down the mighty Green and Colorado rivers in 1938.