2023 Student Programs

The Student Program remains one of Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival’s core endeavors, fulfilling our educational mission of connecting local students to films that entertain, educate and inspire while highlighting important social, cultural, political, and environmental issues. This year, the program has continued to grow and we are hosting more middle and high schools.

Our local students will have the unique opportunity to travel the world and be exposed to different cultures and issues that they may never have known about. We’ve compiled a series of films to introduce students to various social and environmental topics.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to ALL educators throughout Flagstaff who make magic happen in our schools on a daily basis!

Film Selections

Whatever Floats Your Goat
Mama Has a Mustache
Wood Hood
North Shore Betty
Paatuwaqatsi: Water is Life
The Nines
Redwood Survival
High Road
It Has Become Beauty Again