Special Events

Starting April 7.

Show will be up through April.

A Retrospective: 20 years of Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Poster Designs

Featuring the work of graphic designer Steph McCarthy of That’s Smart! Designs in collaboration with Dawn Kish, photographer/filmmaker

Curated by Jason Hasenbank, OFF THE WALL/Frameshop + Design Studio

Many Thanks to our Hosts
John Vanlandingham and Mix Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL CELEBRATES 20 YEARS of bringing the best in film to Northern Arizona. Our mission is to provide an alternative cinematic experience that inspires, educates, fosters creative connections, and enriches the quality of life for Flagstaff citizens and visitors to Northern Arizona through the art of filmmaking and the stories of documentary films.

Location: Mix Flagstaff

Friday, April 8

Bar Talk- From the Hip and the Heart with Patagonia Ambassador Timmy O’Neill

5:30–7:00 pm

Accompanied by Peter McLaughlin, FMFF Songster

Location: Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Speakeasy Soirée with Raillery and Friends @ The Polehouse

10:00 pm – 1 am

Location: The Pole House, 1000 Grand Canyon Ave.

Join local legends Raillery and friends for a night of revelry. Free beers from Dark Sky Brewing, Wanderlust Brewing, Historic Brewing Co. and mountain-inspired cocktails. The gathering of the year! 

Bring your own cup!

Sponsored by American Rivers

Saturday, April 9

© Dawn Kish Photography
© Dawn Kish Photography

The Re-emergence of Glen Canyon

2:45–3:45 pm

Glen Canyon is beginning to re-emerge as Lake Powell continues to break low water records. This panel will focus on the past, present, and future of Glen Canyon as viewed through the eyes of a filmmaker, an explorer, an archaeologist, and an ecologist.

Dawn Kish (Photographer/Filmmaker), Morgan Sjogren (Explorer/Author), Thomas Minckley (Ecologist/Author), R.E. Burillo (Archaeologist/Author)

Location: Drinking Horn Mead Hall

Happy Hour with Craig Childs and The Scatterlithics

5:30–7:00 pm

It’s the Flag Mountain Film house band, bringing you tunes and spoken word among the buzzin’ bees of the mead! 

Accompanied by Peter McLaughlin, FMFF Songster

Location: Drinking Horn Mead Hall

Sunday, April 10

Rad Women Rock 

9:00–10:00 am

Join Ember Crowley, Tinia Witherspoon, Mackenzie Baradic & Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso, four of the most exciting local women filmmakers who share their love of their craft, discuss the challenges of being in this industry, and highlight their current and future work. The future of female-driven filmmaking is creating stories that dig deep and matter, these women are the future of filmmaking. 

Location: Mountain Sports

Mountain Sports Flagstaff

A Conversation with Nigel James and Family, The Trails Before Us

10:15–11:15 am

Join Nigel James and his family for a conversation/meet & greet to learn about their unique connection to the land, community, and culture and their experience with hosting their first Enduro race on the Navajo Nation.

Location: Beyond the Pines: A Flagstaff Wellness Collective

Battalion Search & Rescue

2:45–3:45 pm

Join James Holeman founder of the first Arizona-based search and rescue organization focusing on lost and missing migrants. We are a self trained community-based group that reaches remote areas of the Arizona desert every month. Also on this panel are filmmakers Mackenzie Baradic, Nash Reynolds and Zowie McShane, all film students from NAU working on ‘Borderlands.’ We search for the lost but not forgotten.

Location: Drinking Horn Mead Hall

Craig Childs ~ Tracing Time ~ Reading & Conversation

4:00–6:00 pm

Join Bright Side Bookshop for a reading and conversation from Craig Childs on his latest book Tracing Time: Seasons with Rock Art on the Colorado Plateau.

This is a ticketed event to ensure the health and safety of all attendees.

Buy a ticket!

Location: Bright Side Bookshop