Virtual Reality Program

Getting Real in 2020

We are stoked to bring in the new decade by kicking off our Virtual Reality Film Program. In attendance to help us get off the ground is VR Filmmaker Alisa Geiser and Visual Storyteller Seth Winslow. Along with VR Team Leader, Laura Kish, they will be helping you get real all festival long in these special programs as well as random locations that will be updated on our social media. It’s 2020 folks, time to get real! The Virtual Reality Team will also be presenting the program at select special events and film venues throughout the festival.

In 2019 the Cosanti Foundation and Arcosanti received funding to begin exploring the medium of Virtual Reality as a vehicle for both storytelling and education about STEAM principles. To date, Visual Storyteller Seth Winslow has developed several VR “Arcology” (architecture+ecology) models for display at events and to enhance curriculums for local schools.

Thursday | February 13 

10:00 PM – Close | After-hours Get Real Shindig | Rendezvous 

Please join us for our Virtual Reality Kick-Off. While you wait your turn we’ll be in the moment with live music and spoken word riffs. Grab a drink while you wait your turn to dive into the word of VR.

Films to virtually watch:  

Earth To Ashes: Running the Ring of Fire Through Guatemala

Director: Alisa May Geiser, USA, 2019

Join Alisa May Geiser, Robin Maslowski and David Samayoa as they run through Ring of Fire in Guatemala seeking the wisdom of the land.

To Return 

Director: Laura Kottlowski,
USA, 2019

Through the eyes of Laura Kottlowski and a poetic narrative, you’ll experience the multi-sensory joy and curiosities of untamed ice first-hand.

Jungle Freedive

Director: John Mans, USA, 2019

In this immersive VR180 short film, freediver Rose explores various jungle caves and sinkholes, (cenotes), in Mexico’s Yucatán.

Yawarani: A VR Film Made With Indigenous Creators

Director: Daniel Bury, USA, 2019

Yawarani is a VR180 film created in collaboration with the Indigenous community to preserve their sacred culture and the wisdom of their elders.

Bears Ears VR Project

Director: Aaron Huey, National Geographic, USA, 2019

Take a one-of-a-kind virtual reality tour of the ancestral pueblo sites of Bears Ears National Monument, built by National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey
and tribal elders from the
four corners region.

Friday | February 14

10:00 AM – NOON | Coffee Talk: Get Real | Rendezvous 

Join VR Filmmaker Alisa May Geiser as she gives us a behind the scenes look into Virtual Reality filmmaking. Then strap on a headset and get lost in another time and space. 

Sunday | February 16

9:00 AM – NOON | VR and a cup of Joe | Rendezvous 

Drop by Rendezvous for warm drink and another chance to get real. The VR team will be set up to take you and bring you back in time to join another awesome event.

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