Festival Art Shows

Premiering at February’s First Friday artwalk, showing thru the end of February.

Todos Dignos

Amy Martin | Firecreek Coffee Co.

(Un)Documented aims to break down the ‘otherness’ rhetoric and dispel current mistruths by highlighting the human side of immigration. Each subject, an immigrant from our community sharing their personal story, is dignified through their contributions to our community and greater society. The portraits show the subjects emerging from the shadows where they have been pushed by previous and current immigration policies. The aim is for truth to be communicated to those who currently misunderstand the realities of the human side of the immigrant narrative. This project is being created with the belief that creating pathways of connection to those who have been denied a platform to share their human stories, can spark action towards positive change in policy.

Critically Awesome

John “Verm” Sherman  | Dark Sky Brewing

With their nine-and-a-half foot wingspans, California Condors are the largest land bird in North America.  With only 500 in existence, they are also one of the rarest birds on the planet.  What does “critically endangered” really look like?  Join John “Verm” Sherman as he embarks on an audacious quest to photograph every individual California Condor in the Arizona/Utah population. Will he ever meet his White Whale, the elusive, reclusive Condor 203?